Buffet Day ~ January 2nd

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If you are a fan of buffets, then today is your day. Personally, I love a good Chinese Buffet. I also seldom pass on a salad bar.  Buffets are one of the most popular ways to serve food when getting together with a large group of friends and family.  You simply walk down the line and choose the food you want from the available offerings.

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The term buffet came from the french word for piece furniture the food was traditionally served on.

The term smorgasbord is Swedish in origin.  It was originally a brannvinsbord table and was used to serve alcoholic beverages.  It then became a popular way to serve food in the United States during the 1939 World’s Fair when Sweden used a Buffet table to serve their traditional foods.  After that,  the term buffet became synonymous with the smorgasbord and is the term we usually use today. Whether you refer to it as a smorgasbord, buffet, potluck, or anything else, it is a fun way to try new dishes and experiment with new flavors.  Whatever you choose to call it though, the very best way to celebrate this day is to head out to your favorite buffet-style restaurant and have whatever your heart desires from the many offerings available to you.

dessert buffet

To Watch

When you plan your next party a buffet is the perfect way to go. It is an easy way to set out food for your guests that allow them to pick what they want and how much, as well as graze to their heart’s content. You can easily adapt your buffet for any type of food, and it can be as simple or complex as you like.

To Make

Here is a simple, fun hot cocoa and cappuccino bar that will delight both children and adults at your next get together.

To Buy

Sure, planning a buffet is great fun, but so is picking out those perfect dishes and accessories for your buffet. Here are some great items you will want to use for your next party.

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