Go Barefoot Day ~ June 1st


Barefoot Day is a day to kick off your shoes and go au naturel ~ from the ankles down of course. You do need shoes for many things, such as going into public places. However, at home, the beach, parks, etc. you can enjoy the comfort and many benefits of going barefoot.


Did you know that doing barefoot is actually healthy?  It is actually better for you than wearing shoes all the time. It improves your natural gait, can help with ankle, knee, hip, and back pain, and strengthens many muscle groups that excessive footwear use can weaken, thus improving your balance and coordination.  


Barefoot Health Benefits

If you are used to wearing shoes all the time, walking outside barefoot at first will feel very weird to you, but the feel of fresh grass on your feet is an amazing feeling.  You will want to start with smooth, softer surfaces. Sand, grass, and concrete are good to start out with. With sand and concrete, you do want to watch out on hot days or you may burn your feet. Once you have mastered walking on these surfaces you can start working on rougher surfaces that will be more challenging to your feet. Rocks, even smooth ones, can hurt if you are not used to them, and walking over gravel might feel like your child booby-trapped their room with legos all over the floor. You can even get used to this and find that over time you have little discomfort even with gravel. When I was a kid it didn’t even slow me down when I hit it running at full speed. As an adult, I can’t make that claim anymore as it is mainly my own yard I walk barefoot in, but rounded landscape rocks of any size do not bother me.

This is a holiday I can truly celebrate.  As a matter of fact, I celebrate it every single day, and I have taught my daughter to follow in my barefoot steps.  As an adult, she has left the house and driven to the store without her shoes and had to go back home to get them.  I can’t say I have never done that, because I have, although my husband has saved me from a wasted trip more than once.


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