International Picnic Day ~ June 18th


Who doesn’t love a picnic? The sitting on a blanket under a shady tree by the river with a light breeze blowing, the wicker basket full of fried chicken, biscuits, fresh fruit, potato salad, apple pie, and … the ants? Okay… not the ants. The word picnic has come to symbolize just those sorts of visuals, and it is so instilled in our collective consciousness that it brings up fond memories of picnics we have never actually been to. That is okay though, most of us have been to at least one picnic, which is essentially an outdoor meal eaten with others. Did you know though, that the word picnic is not actually mean this type of meal at all?


History of the Word Picnic

Picnic, or “pique-nique” is a French term that first showed up in a pamphlet writing in May 1649 in Paris, which called for a celebration of an insurrection during the rule of Louis XIV, in which there was a shortage of food during the time Paris was under siege. Some of the stipulations laid out in the pamphlet were that for carefree revelry and that each participant contributes a portion of food and drink. One of the other stipulations is that no one shall mention politics. Still a good practice today.


One other interesting thing about the picnic is that it was not initially an outdoor event. It is thought to have come to have its current outdoorsy meaning after it was taken into the English language.

How to Celebrate International Picnic Day

The best way to celebrate Picnic Day is to simply have a picnic. You can go to your favorite park, beach, or meadow. Find a shady spot or the perfect picturesque place in front of a pond. If the weather is not cooperative then you can have a picnic right in your own home. Set up a blanket in your family room in front of a window or fireplace, or for a more romantic setting, try setting up a picnic dinner on the bed for you and your significant other. Picnics usually take place during the day, but think just how amazing a picnic under the stars would be.

Your menu can simply be sandwiches, chips, and bottled water, or you can go all out to make it a memorable event.


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