National Bird Day ~ January 5th


January 5th is National Bird Day. It is not to be confused with its twin sister of holidays, Bird Day, which is celebrated on May 4th. In fact, there are a lot of days celebrating these avian creatures. After all, they are not only one of the most plentiful creatures on the planet, but they are a source of beauty, food, warmth, and joy. You can measure the health of a geographical area by the health of the birds there. Have you ever heard the phrase “canary in a coal mine? This is because caged birds were used to measure the air quality in mines.


Birds as a Hobby

There are many backyard birders out there, and we are among them. We provide several bird feeders, birdbaths and fountains, bird houses, and plenty of shelter, such as trees and bushes, for our fine feathered friends. We love watching them, and our patio hummingbird feeders are frequently visited while we are out on the porch, as they have learned we are not to be feared. As a matter of fact, if I am remiss and forget to fill the feeders, they are not afraid to come over and hover right in my face to let me know they are hungry.


There are also many birdwatchers which will go out in the wilderness to catch sight of some of the beautiful birds that do not frequent the backyard areas, preferring more wild settings. Some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen have come from these dedicated hobbyists, and more than one species has either been discovered or rediscovered and thought extinct by them.


Bird Songs

If you are wanting to either learn birds by their calls and songs or just listen to some birds in the background of your everyday living, here are some great videos for you to refer to.

Making a Birdhouse for Beginners

If you would like to make a birdhouse but don’t have any woodworking tools, don’t worry, with a quick trip to your craft store for a few items you can make this beauty in just a couple of hours.

To Watch on Bird Day

If you want to watch bird related movies to celebrate bird day, here are some suggestions. Everyone will be able to find something to enjoy.

The Birds ~ Horror

Written by the late, great Alfred Hitchcock, this is a horror classic about a socialite who arrives on Bodega Bay just before the birds on the island start a violent attack on the resident.

Rio ~ Family

Rio is a great family movie about a pair of birds that are trying to escape smugglers and get home. It has something for everyone and was a hit at one of our outdoor movie nights last year.

The Big Year ~ Comedy

Starring Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson this is a great comedy about three very different men all trying for their own person Big Year (seeing more bird species in one year than they ever have before) as well as achieve the coveted title of “Birder of the Year”.

Shopping for the Birds


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