National Science Fiction Day ~ January 2nd

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This day covers so many things, it is almost impossible for the Scifi Fan to lump them into only one day.  Just thinking of all the books, movies, games, music, and tv programs out there makes my head spin.  The day itself falls on the birthday of Issac Asimov and is a nod to his great contributions to this genre.  To celebrate today, indulge yourself in your favorite science fiction story and forget about reality for a while.

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A Brief History of Science Fiction

Science Fiction Day takes place on the birthday of Issac Asimov, a famous scifi writer as a way to honor him. Do you know who wrote the first science fiction novel? If you say Mary Shelley or Jules Verne you would be incorrect, believe it or not. The first Sci-fi book was written in Germany back in 1616 by Johann Valentin Andreae. “The Chemical Wedding” took alchemy and Rosicrucianism and entwined them into a fantastical story of a man’s journey to a wedding. Differentiated from previous stories by the fact he takes the possibilities of science into account and not just magic by itself.


These days Sci-fi is a genre like no other, having a channel dedicated to it, as well as more books, movies, games, songs, and just about anything else you can think of. As technology grows expotentially so do the possibilities for the future, and with that so does the imaginations of those who gieve us this beloved genre.

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To Make

Whether it’s just drinks or a full meal, there is no shortage of things you can make to celebrate Science Fiction Day. The Geeky Chef provies many scifi themed recipes to make your dinner or party unforgettable.

If you are more into miniatures than cooking, then here is a great tutorial.

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science fiction

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