Polar Bear Plunge Day ~ January 1st

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What is Polar Bear Plunge Day?

Today is Polar Bear Plunge Day.  Ice swimming is done all over the world, and the Polar Bear Club has several locations in the United States.  Traditionally members of the Polar bear Club go into a  freezing body of water and go for a dip today.  The Polar Bear Club, it is a group of people that like to swim in icy water in winter temperatures. Many people in the club claim it is an invigorating rush.    You may feel a surge of adrenaline associated with this activity but it is only a temporary boost.

Die-hard Polar Bears claim they feel better after this frigid dip but there are no health benefits associated with this tradition.  The truth is, this activity is actually a very risky endeavor and can even cause death in those with health issues.  It is advised if you are going to take part in this activity you have a thorough health examination. Make sure you are not at risk for heart attack or stroke.  Plunging into freezing water can cause your heart to stop.  Take part in some ‚Äútraining before you take the plunge and condition your body before you go into the actual water.  Immerse yourself into icy water for a few minutes at a time and allow your body to get used to the temperatures.  Doing this every few days should help.

How to Celebrate Polar Bear Plunge Day

Talk to your doctor and seasoned Polar Bears before you get into the water if you decide to do this.  Me, I think as far as Polar Bears are concerned, I will stick to watching them on YouTube, in a nice warm house. As to why they do this?  They all have their own reasons but the Polar Bear Club does raise a lot of money for various charities.

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