Rocky Road Day ~ June 2nd


Is there anything better than ice cream on a hot summer’s day? Today we celebrate one of America’s favorite flavors of ice cream, Rocky Road. This flavor was first made in the 1920’s, and while there are a couple of stories about it’s creation, one thing is for sure, the resulting dessert is delicious.


Who created Rocky Road Ice Cream?

Who actually created Rocky Road Ice Cream is up for debate and will most likely never really be known. Most of us have heard of the ice cream brands Dreyer’s and Edy’s. Well, William Dreyer and Joseph Edy were friends and started an ice cream shop back in the day, called Grand Avenue Ice Cream Shop. They were also friends with a candymaker named George Farren who worked at Fenton’s Creamery. George is said to have made a candy bar for Fenton’s called “Rocky Road”.

This is where the story gets murky, to say the least. Now you have all the main players, with the addition of one of the Fentons, Melvin. the Fentons claim Melvin was actually the one responsible for this famous concoction. Depending on who you believe either George Farren, Melvin Fenton, or William Dreyer came up with the ice cream. They all lived and worked in Oakland California in the 1920’s and knew of each other, having rival businesses making ice cream and candy.


That is confusing enough without this next addition to the claim. There is actually a cookbook that was published in Kansas in 1920, “Rigby’s Reliable Candy Teacher, 13th edition”. This cookbook had an ice cream recipe in it called, you guessed it, Rocky Road. this recipe is a bit different than the one we know and love today, but all the elements were there. The recipe calls for whipped honey cream instead of plain whipped cream as well as almond crushed macaroons instead of plain almonds.


If the timeline is to be believed then the first recipe for Rocky Road Ice Cream was created in Kansas in 1920. However this version is still a bit different than either Dreyer’s or Fenton’s versions. They all sound delicious and they are all a bit different. We may never know for sure who came up with what when with the exception of the copyrighted cookbook. It could have been the candy bar being the inspiration, it could have been that someone saw the recipe and made their own version.

Making Rocky Road Ice Cream

The good news is that no matter who originally came up with Rocky Road Ice Cream, you can easily make it yourself. We love ice cream in the summer and have two ice cream makers we pull out for family gatherings and parties. There is nothing better than homemade ice cream. Here are some Rocky Road recipes for your to try yourself:


To Watch on Rocky Road Day

Okay, watch or listen… love or hate… here is Weird Al with his ode to Rocky Road Ice Cream.

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